A busy week

Last week was a busy one. Between therapy and classes something had to give. So I cut back to one day a week of therapy and dropped the stats class I was taking. Now I don’t feel quite so stressed and hopefully I’ll be less exhausted.

I’ve also made progress on the quest to drive again. I have an on the road driving evaluation February 3. I’ve also made progress in getting state vocational rehabilitation to pay some of the costs of training and equipment.

Friday night through yesterday Stephanie and I went to an Engaged Encounter. It was a long weekend and 90% of the information and activities wasn’t helpful. The other 10% helped a lot. We talked about things that probably wouldn’t have come up otherwise. For example, if saw wielding aliens are after you, just make peace with your creator and give up.

2 Replies to “A busy week”

  1. When you say “saw wielding” – does that mean electric saw or the old fashioned hand saw? Because I think I could take an alien with a hand saw.
    Good luck on your driving test!

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