Therapy etc.

Well I started outpatient rehab therapy at Patricia Neal today. Just evaluation stuff today, the real work starts Thursday. The initial doctors order is only for 4 to 6 weeks, which is when I start taking classes and teaching again at UT. So therapy is going to be very focused on improving my walking and getting more use out of my right arm and hand. Last Tuesday I did an in-clinic driving evaluation and I working on getting a road test scheduled to see what I need to drive.

Today, I saw this article, “Paralyzed Woman Walks After Stem Cell Therapy“. Nice headline, I’ll believe it when I see some verification. At least the researchers that did this “cautioned that more research was needed and verification from international experts was required”.

In other news I’ve finally completed the work for the incompletes I got when I left UT because of the wreck.

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  1. Dan I have kept up with you through Dee and Stephanie. I am a customer of Paul and Dee’s. You are amazing and we will keep on praying for Gods strength. I hope you had a wonderful time with them this past weekend. Paul and Dee really enjoyed have you and Stepanie home.
    Take care and keep up the great job.
    Carla Allinder

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