Thoughts on Life

One year

Well it’s one year since October 26, 2003. One year since my accident. In case anybody is interested here’s what happened.

On October 26, 2003 at around 4:25 pm I was starting the drive back to Knoxville from Limestone after eating lunch and having a birthday party with family. My girlfriend (now fiance) Stephanie and I were in my car and I was driving. There was some light rain and the road was wet. In addition I was probably going a bit too fast for the curve we were driving around. In any case, while going around the curve I hydroplaned and lost control. We hit a stop sign and two trees. The impacts were all on my side of the car.

Stephanie was extremely sore and bruised but she got out. I wasn’t as lucky. I broke my left leg in three places and broke my neck as well. I was airlifted to Wellmont Holston Valley Medical Center because apparently it was a busy night for car wrecks and the closest hospital, Johnson City Medical Center, was full of trauma patients already.

It was really touch and go for a while but I pulled through. I was in Holston Valley from October 26 to November 19. I don’t remember the wreck or most of my time at Wellmont. Then I was at Patricia Neal Rehabilitation Center in Knoxville from November 19 until December 31, 2003. After that and several more months of outpatient rehab at Quillen Rehabilitation Hospital I am walking (slowly) and generally doing well. I’m back in Knoxville now and continuing work on my Ph.D. Stephanie and I will be getting married June 10, 2005.