KFAR strikes back… and wins

First off, my sincere apologies to Ghost and the KFAR crew. I dug up old and incorrect information in my post yesterday, so much for my librarian skills. Ghost left some comments correcting me, which I encourage everyone to read.

Basically, the window to apply for a low power FM license is closed. So that ship has sailed and KFAR must fly a pirate flag to broadcast. And by the way WDVX is not a low power FM station.

It appears as though the deck is stacked against KFAR, they would like to broadcast legally, but they can’t. And I still think the raid was politically motivated, as 100 watts of transmitting power can’t interfere with much. Maybe a mosquito 2 inches from the transmitter is inconvienced.

So I stand corrected and firmly back in KFAR’s corner. Play on, I’ll be listening.