Star Wars

Ok, I’ll admit it, I like Star Wars. Perhaps it’s a bit more than like. I’m not as bad as some people, I’ve never dressed up as a Star Wars character, and I don’t own every Star Wars toy ever made. But I do own a few Star Wars toys, both from the original releases and the nineties special editions. I’ve seen the prequels, and will see Episode III next year, but they don’t have the same magic the original trilogy did.

That’s where I guess I’m a little obsessive. I own 3 different versions of the trilogy on VHS, and just bought the DVD box set. I bought a laserdisc player just so I could watch Star Wars: Trilogy – The Definitive Collection . And I own at least 30 Star Wars books.

Here are a bunch of CNN articles about Star Wars; Five major changes in the ‘Star Wars’ DVD, Why Lucas tinkered with ‘Star Wars’, Mark Hamill answers questions about ‘Star Wars’ DVD and Naked Wookiees and broken R2-D2s.

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  1. Hey, you look like you could use a comment.

    Personally, I find the idea that people want to throw rocks at George Lucas to be insulting… obviously none of them have been serious creators. If he wanted to please the fans, he would listen to their comments, but since the ‘refurbished’ movie is what he values most of all, I say more power to him. He’s absolutely right about the original versions already being out there… why are people getting mad because they can’t buy what they already have?

    By the way, I registered on the UH database. I’m just too shy to write anybody………

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