Back in Knoxville

I moved back in Knoxville last Wednesday, but it took me until Friday to get my computers back up and running. I really don’t know what to do with my time now. Knee surgery is over, that seems to have gone well enough. I don’t have any doctors visits for a month, one with the orthopedic surgeon in Kingsport on October 5th and one here in Knoxville the next day will the rehab doctor at Patrica Neal.

Hopefully after the visit at Patrica Neal, I’ll be able to start rehab again. I stopped going to rehab in Johnson City at the beginning of August, since it was going to be a busy month. And my left leg, which is the good leg, isn’t quite healed yet, and I’ll need some help figuring it out. Seems to be in good shape, at least the knee pain I had before is gone. Now the only pain I have is from the still very tender incisions.