Link Soup

Here are lots of mostly unrelated things I have found recently that I thought were interesting. A site explaining the history of Moof the Dogcow, a little image used by some programs to show page orientation for printers. This is a site about the dangers of dihydrogen monoxide, (H20). Next, a group of actual monks that sell ink, toner, and other printer, fax, and copier supplies.

Next we have an online map and guide to the Simpsons’ hometown, Springfield. And then just what everyone needs, a online guide and recipe list for ramen noddles. And finally just in case you needed reasons not to vote for George W. Bush, Bush in 30 Seconds.

As a side note, I’ve stopped making links in my posts show in new browser windows, it was just getting annoying. Just use the back button if you really really want to get back here. Of course I may change my mind later.