Movable Type and Opera

New licences have been announced for Movable Type. The biggest change is a new Unlimited Personal Edition for $99.95. It allows “for an unlimited number of authors and weblogs for personal use”. This is really what people wanted, and why there where huge complaints about the new licence. The cheaper Personal Edition, $69.95, now allows for unlimited blogs and 5 authors. I bought the Personal Edition within a few weeks of the new licence. Six Apart upgraded me from the Personal Edition to the Unlimited Personal Edition for free since I was an early adopter. Six Apart is really trying to mend fences now, but the damage has already been done I think. WordPress still looks pretty good, for those that want totally free and open source solution.

The Firefox browser is version .09 and the Thunderbird mail client is now at version 0.7 Both programs look great when you use the Charamel theme. But there is also a new version of Opera out. (7.5) You remember Opera don’t you? The non open source, free (with ads) browser made by a company in Norway? Opera 7.5 sports a new (and very nice) user interface and everything Firefox has, standards compliant rendering, tabbed browsing etc. Plus an intergrated mail client with spam filtering. It’s definitely worth a look.

3 Replies to “Movable Type and Opera”

  1. Opera is not standards complaint. It does the simple stuff, but not the more complicated layouts. Its javascript support is awful. I kick Opera users right at the door in my sites.

  2. Opera hasn’t impressed me whenever I’ve checked it out. Plus, being subjected to ads unless I hand over cash bothers me. I prefer Firefox. It’s free, functional, secure, and blocks popup ads. Perfect.

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