LISNews versus Library Juice – Round two

For a while now there has been a bit of a feud going between Rory Litwin of Library Juice and Blake Carver and the community at LISNews. It began with Blake’s article at LISNews wanting some right wing counter-balance to the left wing tilt of the LISNews community.

This led to an initial response from Rory that Blake had “gone batty“. That gets followed up May 14 by a more detailed criticism. Which of course led to a response from LISNews.

And now there is Rory’s response to that LISNews feedback. And of course, the LISNews community responds.

My take? LISNews as a news gathering mechanism is as neutral as it can be. People can submit anything to LISNews that they want. It gets read by the “Authors” (I’m one of them) edited and posted. That is neutral. The comment moderation is not. The authors have the ability to moderate comments, as do others. There the leftist slant of LISNews shows up and right leaning comments to stories are usually badly moderated and are thus harder to find.

Here I must disclose that I am very left leaning. But I don’t often comment or moderate. But Rory took what could have been valid criticism and initially phrased it as a personal “attack” for lack of a better term. (Blake Carver of LISNews has gone batty). That lead to attacks in him personally and so on and so on. But Rory jumped into the fire and then judging by the latest Library Juice couldn’t take the heat and came away burned. Maybe that explains his musings in Library Juice, “Please stop being excited about the Web – especially ‘blogs“.

But following the discourse on this topic has been fun, to both sides I say “Please continue.”