The battle against spam

As I noted back in January, my email address receives a lot of spam and I was using a spam filtering add-on for Outlook Express to combat it. But this seemed to me like mopping up the water but never fixing the problem. The previous host of greeneweb had recently implemented some spam fighting measures but now wants to charge extra for them. The disk space quotas were also a bit on the low side, 25 megabytes for my plan, so a decided to look around for other hosts.

I had gotten my girlfriend an account with bloghosts, so I decided to go back and take a look at their anti-spam features. They use the Spamhaus Block List and Exploits Block List to block spam and other unsavory email and include SpamAssassin with all their accounts. And they offer 4 times the disk space and many other features over the previous host. So is now at bloghosts and the spam I receive is down to a trickle.