Spam and instant messenging

I recently decided I’d had enough spam when the spam outnumbered the real email by 10 to 1. I guess that proves that I’ve had my email addresses too long and they’ve ended up on everybody’s lists. Even with it’s flaws I still use Outlook Express. I’ve used OE since 2000, before that on the Windows side I used Eudora, Pegasus Mail and Netmanage Chameleon. (anybody remember that one?) I considered using Mozilla Thunderbird because of its spam filtering, but it’s still at version 0.4 and doesn’t look quite ready yet.

And then I found Spam Bully, a spam filter add-in for Outlook and Outlook Express. It took about a day to train but after that all my spam is out of my inbox and safely diverted to a spam folder. So far I’m pleased and will probably buy the program after the evaluation period is up.

One piece of software that I did buy is Trillian Pro. I’ve used the free Trillian off and on for instant messenging , as well as GAIM and the standard clients. (AOL, ICQ, MSN, etc.) The free version of Trillian crashed on me some, as did GAIM, and I went back to using the standard clients. But after hearing good things about Trillian Pro I took the plunge and paid $25. The result? I got a rock solid multi-service IM client that does everything I need.

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  1. hey! I downloaded trillian for the first time a couple of weeks ago! I’ll send you my id poste haste! (for third-party readers: I’ve never adapted to the whole IM thing)

  2. Computers-shmooters. Enough of all this technical-speak! Let’s get to the meatier subjects- life, religion & monks! What DO they wear under those robes? I am so glad to find you here, Dan. I had been wondering about your whereabouts and how-you’re-doing-abouts. I saw James’ site too (by way of Amy’s site), but I was scared, so I came back here ;). These blogs kind of remind me of those chat boxes in Raber’s distance ed class. Ah, the good ol’ days. Great to “see” you!

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