And now for something completely different

A friend of mine told me about this site which is a pretty harsh counterpoint to the idea that vegetarianism is better for the planet etc, than eating meat. Specifically this site deals with the fact that animals are routinely killed as collateral damage in gain harvesting.

I grew up on a farm. We raised animals for meat, and I have been to stockyards and slaughterhouses. I have seen rabbits and other wildlife killed because they were in the path of farm machinery. The point is nobody has the moral high ground here. Some farming practices may be harder on animals than they need to be. Stockyards are not nice places. On the flip side, wildlife die to harvest the soybeans for that soy burger.

I rarely eat red meat and tend to eat more soy and grains. That’s a health choice not a moral one. Why can’t people like the guy that behind this grain harvesting kills site and PETA see that there is a middle here and mellow out a bit?