House News

The house is creeping along. The finishing foundation work is mostly done. I’ll be interested to see what the finished product looks like. Right now I’m not that happy but I’m reserving judgement at this point.

We’ve had to hire a lawyer to help us through this last part of the process. There have been numerous delays and changes to plans and we just want to make sure there are no unexpected surprises at final closing.

But on the plus side Stephanie has painted Lisa’s room. Stephanie has pictures as always. But here’s a sample.


We have the power

Well technically my new house does. The floors are done and the electricity is on and working.

Stephanie has updates. The wood floors look nice. I’m really pleased with how the floors turned out.

More Lisa birthday pictures.

The library reorg picked up steam yesterday, some new appointments have been made and searches are starting. A couple of the new jobs look very appealing.

Long December…

with not a post to the blog in sight. Busy month, hopefully more posts to come in the new year. If you really want to stalk me… 🙂 look for updates on Twitter.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

A Delicious post on life

Just a miscellaneous post on life etc. I’ve started using a lot recently. I just got tired of lots of links I didn’t use that often in my browser.

Prior to Oct. 10, the last time I added anything to was Dec. 11, 2005. Anyway you can have a look at my links if you so choose.

In other news I’ve changed departments here at Hodges, from Outreach to Library Technology Services, a.k.a Systems. So I have a bigger cube and an office that my cell phone works in, but sadly no pay raise.

Work has started on our new house, earth is being moved. 🙂

One post a month….

Seems to be my pace these days. One day I my get back to blogging. I’ve been pretty busy spearheading the redesign on the UT Libraries site. It officially launched August 13th and it’s a slow process getting a site that big with dozens of people involved updated to a new design. Kind of like turning an aircraft carrier.

In other news still working on getting a house built, the construction loan will hopefully close soon and then the fun will start.

Where did July go?

July has been a busy month, I’m not sure where the time has gone. Let’s see, what’s new…. Work has been busy. We’re attempting to get a new house built. Stephanie and I have been jumping through a lot of hoops with that.

Also been trying to get the finances in order to be able to afford a much larger mortgage payment. As a result of that we no longer have a landline phone. We never used it anyway.

Anyway just thought I’d make a quick post so people knew I was still alive. 🙂

Busy May

May is almost over and I’m not sure where it went. Work has been going ok, the UT Libraries version of the new UT web templates should be ready in the next couple of weeks. Then the long and probably painful process of converting the libraries over to the new templates can begin.

On a personal note, I spent most of May getting the family finances in order. Cashed in some stock and paid off all our credit card debt, which was a sizable sum. Next on the agenda is looking at buying or building a house. Building on the land we have now is one option, or we may sell our current place and move a bit closer to work.

Anybody want to buy a Mac mini or a couple of Pentium 4 Windows XP machines? The only computer we ever turn on at home anymore is the laptop, so I’m on a mission to get rid of our desktop machines and reclaim some cash.

But for now we’ll be taking a break and headed to Arkansas for Memorial Day. Should be a nice change of pace.