KFAR rallies at Knoxville City Council meeting

The Knoxville News-Sentinel has an article on the KFAR rally at last night’s City Council meeting. While I still respect KFAR’s first amendment/civil disobedience stance, I’ll admit my opinion is shifting away from KFAR’s side of things.

There appear to be ways for KFAR to broadcast legally, and at least one local radio station has done this, WDVX. So if there is a legal way for KFAR to broadcast, why haven’t they explored this option?

More on the KFAR raid and shutdown

The second half of Metropulse’s Citybeat talks about KFAR’s shutdown and how it may have been politically motivated. That makes sense to me, the names on the affidavit as complainants were FBI agents and a TVA agent. And KFAR isn’t exactly establishment media, somebody probably didn’t like what they heard. But why are the TVA and FBI listening to KFAR anyway?