Welcome to LibraryMonk@WordPress.com

Welcome to LibraryMonk@WordPress.com. This blog exists for me to play with WordPress 2 before a make changes to the main Library Monk site. I also got this blog to try out the Akismet anti-spam service/plugin. Seems crazy that I should have to start another blog (even if I don’t plan on using it much) just to get an API key. Wouldn’t it have been simpler to give out the API keys and make the WordPress.com blog optional?

I was running Spam Karma 2 on Library Monk,  the Akismet FAQ says to turn other anti-spam plugins off. But I found a beta plugin today that allows SK2 and Akismet to work together. I think I’ll leave SK2 turned off for a while to see how well Akismet works by itself.

I’m also looking at Bad Behavior 2. It’s supposed to stop comment spam before it even gets to your site.